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Our evidence-based curriculum portal supplies resources and tools to develop lifelong leadership prowess in high school girls. Developed by national-award winning educators, our dynamic instructional platform focuses on workforce skills, leadership development and STEM career mentorship opportunities through videos, activities, webinars and interactive evidence-based practices. YWL content is based in mindset science, ethics of caring the neurobiology of confidence and inclusive leadership principles.

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YWL portal features evidence-based curriculum

Through YWL’s new portal, high school girls and their educators have access at their fingertips to leadership and development content they can’t find anywhere else.

Science says: practice makes perfect

How many times have you heard the adage, “Practice makes perfect”? It’s why your piano teacher encourages you to play that new song over and over. It’s why teams hold practices between games. And it’s why your teachers had you memorize spelling words and then tested you on them.

When you learn a new skill, you need to apply what you’ve learned or you’ll lose it. To master it, you:

  1. Need to try it out;
  2. Figure out how you can do it better; and
  3. Try it again.
  4. Then repeat.

It’s the same principle with building confidence. Researchers call it “the neuroscience of confidence.”

The “neuroscience” part refers to what happens to the neurons in your brain. When you learn a new skill, the brain’s neurons fire. When it’s reinforced – or practiced, it becomes “hard coded” as part of who you are.

The “confidence” part is similar to learning how to play the piano, hit a softball or spell a word. Just as you practice those skills, you need to train your brain to be more confident.

The more we practice we being confident, the better we get and the more likely it is to become a habit.


Evidence-based, interactive leadership curriculum

Through YWL, it’s now possible for young women to develop their leadership skills while in high school. With the launch of the YWL Clubs and Young Women LEAD’s new portal, young women have unencumbered access to myriad leadership and development resources 24/7.

Every YWL Club can tap into our web-based curriculum portal from school, home, coffee shops – anywhere that has internet connectivity. It’s designed to provide individual and group learning.

Building on our tradition of excellence, the portal offers extended year-long learning experiences and a dynamic instructional platform focused on workforce skills, leadership development and STEM career mentorship opportunities. Focus topics include philanthropy, financial literacy, inclusive leadership, 21st Century skills, confidence, workforce skills, and career cluster explorations.

The first of its kind, the portal brings together resources that until now could only be found through intense Google searches and visits to countless sites. We’re collaborating with certified educators to deliver evidence-based learning online. Additionally, business leaders across various fields regularly contribute to the portal.

We’re equipping girls with development opportunities and everyday leadership action plans that they apply to make lasting impacts on their communities.

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And it’s all at your fingertips

Young Women LEAD’s new portal features short bursts of information and more in-depth pieces, which include:

  • Empowerment toolbox offering transformational resources:
    • Online assessments for self-awareness
    • Materials for goal setting, values, vision boards, action plans and other tools for success
  • Interactive, evidence-based activities
  • Community resources to foster philanthropy
  • Conversation circles to discuss and share idea, and connect with other teens, young professionals and women at the pinnacle of their careers
  • Live events, readings and videos on career paths and tips for thriving in the workplace, overcoming obstacles and other tips for success

Moreover, the portal provides access and inclusion for diverse students to learn from and support one another along whichever pathways they pursue.

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